saturday mornings



Saturday mornings. The mornings we don’t set an alarm and we cuddle extra long in bed. The mornings we make that extra something special for breakfast. The mornings we slowly savor that second cup of coffee. The mornings we play hide and seek, read books, and have picnics in our pjs until noon. The mornings we sit on the living room floor and chat all about our thoughts, struggles, and enjoyments from the past week. The mornings we get to soak up just being together. The mornings that it is just the three of us, laughing together, enjoying each other, and creating those moments that will forever after be some of our sweetest memories. 

Saturday mornings are the mornings I never want to end. 

One thought on “saturday mornings

  1. Nana

    Love how you love your family. Its so sweet to enjoy each other soo much. Love you all incredibly much.


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