A Godly Heritage

My grandparents are two of the wisest, most godly, generous people I know. They are such a dear couple, who have faithfully cared for and ministered to not only their family, but multitudes of others over the years. So many of my sweet childhood memories include Papa’s jokes and stories, Gramma’s fabulous cooking, and constant encouragement, prayers, and advice from them both. It is such a gift to have such a godly heritage that has been passed down from them, through my parents, and into our lives as their children and grandchildren. Now, by God’s grace and guidance, we seek to pass that same heritage on to our daughter. We truly are a blessed family. God has been so kind and the older I get the more that truth resounds in my mind and heart.

Living 900 miles away from our TX side of the family means time spent together is usually reduced to a few times a year. This has taught us to more dearly cherish the times we do have together. It’s always exciting when family gets to come visit us in our home, so we were thrilled when Papa and Gramma emailed to say they would be driving through Louisville on their way to Nashville and would love to spend a couple of days with us. Of course we quickly replied yes! and anxiously awaited their arrival.

As we time drew near for them to arrive we prepped Little. She struggles sometimes with sharing Mommy and Daddy and so we were wanting to help her be excited about Papa and Gramma’s coming and encourage her to be sweet and unselfish. We were showing her pictures to remind her of who they are and talking, “Papa and Gigi (the great-grandkids call her Gigi) are going to come play with us and be at our house!” Well, the minute they got out of the car she took to them like nothing I’ve ever seen. She practically skipped into the house, (as much as a 23 month old can skip), which was the cutest thing ever. She ran all around the house showing them our different rooms and her toys. I don’t think she stopped her little chatter to them until she fell asleep that night! She ADORED them. She danced with “Pa-pop” (that’s how she said his name – melt me), played with her princesses with them, kicked her ball with them, played hide-and-seek with Papa, giggled endlessly, gave them kisses……..J and I sat there and melted into puddles. What a sweet gift to watch your daughter giggle and play with her great-grandparents!

Our favorite thing when they visit us, of course, is to just sit and talk. To learn and gain wisdom from them is something that J and I treasure. They are kind and faithful lovers of Christ and lovers of each other and that example is a beautiful thing to watch and learn from. They are precious to us.

We sure were thankful for their visit. The Lord was so kind to allow it to happen. We love you Pa-pop and Gigi!!





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