I love my Little Helper

Our AK is growing up so much. I now understand all the comments that every parent makes: “it goes so fast”, “I can’t believe how much she/he has grown!”, “she/he changes every day!”. My hubby and I say those things to each other and others frequently. And we mean it! It seriously blows me/us away how fast time goes and, truly, how fast she grows up! She’ll be two next month – TWO! When did that happen!?

Whew. Just had a moment. 

Anyways……As she is growing up she is becoming more and more of a little helper. She loves to help. Whether it’s cooking, baking, cleaning, watering the plants, whatever it is she wants to be a part and help us. Seeing her eagerness and joy in helping and serving blesses my heart to no end. What a beautiful thing to see her learn and to see her take joy in. I’m thankful.

This has offered many opportunities to begin dialoguing with her about how we are to serve others and most importantly, serve the Lord as His children. In those moments I am able to share the gospel with her and pray that she will come to know Him and grow her in her desire to serve, not out of any selfish motive but because she loves Jesus. What a blessing to be given this gift of teaching her and learning with her. For as I speak those truths to her I am speaking them to my own heart as well, which always needs to be reminded.

Though having her help often means that dinner prep is a little behind schedule and slightly more messy, or that whatever task we are seeking to complete goes a little slower than planned, it is worth it. Each time I ask her if she wants to help or I feel her touch my leg, saying, “Momma?”, as she looks up with bright eager eyes I am reminded, yet again, that what matters most in that moment is her heart, not the cleanliness of the kitchen. 



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