Our Weekend


We had a perfectly lovely weekend this past one. It was refreshing for my mind and heart in so many different ways.

1. Our Little had a fall outside on the cement and scraped up her nose. Bless her, it looks like she had it out with a rabid animal or something right on that one little area of her face. 😦 She was such a brave girl about it and I must say, she looks darn adorable.

2. AK gave her “Blue” doggy a push in a friend’s tire swing. She was saying “wheee, Boo (Blue)”, the whole time. I love her joy in moments like that.

3. AK and I went walking with our friends, the Watters. Their four kids are the sweetest, most thoughtful friends to AK. Churchill, (#3 in their line of 4), helped keep AK safe as we were walking and held her hand. Now, AK is not big on the hand-holding thing unless she needs help going up and down steps. Well, with Churchill, she didn’t want to let his hand go. Melt me.

4. We went to our favorite ice cream place with some of our favorite friends on a fabulous Friday evening.  Delightful on several different levels.

5. My favorite portion of the weekend was time away with my J on Saturday. Two wonderful friends cared for and loved on AK for the day so that J and I could have almost an entire day away. It was so good. SO. GOOD. Refreshing, delightful, fun, encouraging, just the perfect day with my favorite person. We started off the day at our favorite little cafe, spending the morning and lunchtime there, reading, thinking, sipping coffee, talking about our life, our learnings, our blessings, and constantly sharing smiles of gratitude for that time together.

6. I love that man. He makes my heart happy.

7. Menu planning. It is always one of the highlights of my week as I seek to be creative, brave, and thoughtful in how I go about preparing tasty (hopefully) food for my dearest ones.

8. Sunday afternoon coffee with my J. I crave Sunday afternoons throughout the week and delight in them when they come.

9. This little handsome and his fabulous parents came over for dinner on Sunday. It was good for our souls to spend some quality time with our Henderson friends. Grateful for their faithful friendship.

Grateful for weekends and the delights they bring. I hope you had a fabulous one as well!


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