Pieces of our Weekend



1. One of my man’s favorite breakfasts is Blueberry Strudel. They are flaky and sweet with that little pop from the blueberries. A delightful way to close out summer. Saturday morning coffee and breakfast with J are a favorite part of my week.

2. We kept our dear friends little girls on Saturday morning. This is their littlest and she is such a joyful, hilarious lovebug. We love those girls!

3. Saturday afternoon reading while sipping a cortado.

4. Our little chef. We love to watch her “cook”.

5. A little sherbet with daddy after bathtime. 

6. What’s better to accompany the beginning of college football season than an enormous jar of cheese balls?? Go DAWGS!

7. My little Love. 

8. My sweet hubby sent me out on Sunday afternoon to have some alone time. It was lovely. I took advantage of some Labor Day sales at one of my favorite stores.

9. After my shopping spree I just sat at Starbucks for a while sipping coffee, reading, thinking, and people watching. Thankful for the thoughtfulness of my J to encourage me to take some time for myself. 



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