Happy Birthday, my Little Love

My Darling Anna Kate,

      Happy 2nd Birthday to you, my Little. I can’t believe it. 2 years old. You are no longer a baby. Every day you are becoming more of a little girl. My heart does ache some days wishing that time would slow down and you wouldn’t grow quite this fast, but I truly do treasure every stage of your growing up. One of my prayers from the beginning of my pregnancy with you has been that I wouldn’t wish away any stages of your life and that I wouldn’t just sit and crave the past, but rather, that I would be present with you in each day, soaking it up, watching you grow and change, helping you learn, savoring all those moments and memories, living with gratitude for the Lord’s work in each day.
     Most of all, I want to be faithfully teaching you, throughout our days, about Jesus. Teaching you by word, actions, and example about His grace, His kindness, His mercy, His truth, His character, the depth of His love and the hope He gives. I want to be faithful to bring Him and His truth into all the moments that make up our days together, to help you see your need for Him. My greatest prayer for you, my Little Love, is that you will see your need for Him, understand what He has done for you, trust Him as your Savior, and grow in greater love, service, and obedience to Him all your days. May you know, to a great extent, the joy that is found in Him! Daddy and I pray this for you, sweet one. 
     This past year with you has been filled with so many changes. It really does blow me away how fast you have grown. We have little conversations now – which are the sweetest conversations ever. You learn new words daily – some of my favorites at the moment being: “chee-ba” (cheese ball), “buth” (bus), “wow-wow” (for any sort of siren, just like your cousin Joshie), “ot!” (hot), “sue-sue” (excuse me). I love your chatter so much! You have become such a cheerful little helper which completely melts my heart. I love how you want to try and do everything like daddy and I. I love that you are my little shadow throughout the day, my little sidekick, my sweet helper. I love how brave you are. I love your thoughtfulness, your focus, your determination, and your pure joy in the simple things. I love how you adore your Daddy. I love discovering the world with you. I love that you are one of the greatest instruments that the Lord uses to make me more like Himself, to seek Him more diligently, and to adore and glorify Him more. I love that every day I have the tremendous joy of being your mommy. It is a gift. A rich, beautiful, challenging, fruitful, and precious gift. I will forever be amazed at God’s grace in choosing me to be your mommy. You, my beautiful daughter, are a constant testimony of the kindness of the Lord. 
      The past 2 years have been so joyful, so full of wonder and learning. I treasure each day of watching you grow more into a little girl. Happy Birthday, my Little.
             I love you forever,

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