Happy Birthday, my Love

My J,

Today is one of my favorite days in all the year. Today I get to celebrate you and the fact that 30 years ago the Lord chose to bless the world with the greatest man by bringing you into it. Today I also get to celebrate that 6 years ago the Lord changed my life in the most wonderful way by bringing you into it. I know that it was your birthday, but I think that I got the best gift that day. It took about .001 seconds for me to be completely smitten with you that day and today, 6 years and a whole lot of seconds later, I’m even more smitten.

You are the kindest, most humble, wise, thoughtful, creative, perseverant, faithful, gracious, loving man. No one makes me laugh harder than you and no one helps me to laugh at myself more than you. No one encourages me more or challenges me more. I love your entrepreneurial, creative brain and how being married to you has instilled that more deeply in me and spurred me on to try new things with a greater excitement and passion. I love your leadership, your humility, your servant-heart. All the things I love about you I love even more because they are grounded in your love for the Lord and your devoted heart for Him. You give evidence to His saving grace in your life in every bit of who you are. You work unto Him, you study His word, you pray fervently to Him, you seek His transforming forgiveness and work in your life. You live for Him, you lead me according to His truth, and love me as He loves His church. That is the heart of what makes you the man that you are, the man that I love, the best man I know.

I praise the Lord for all He has done in your 30 years of life, my Love. I am unspeakably thankful that He chose me to be the one to walk the last 6 years with you and, Lord willing, the next 50, 60, 70…….

Happy Birthday, my Husband.

I love you.


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