Some Picks of the Week

Something to Plan: Plan a Date Night In with your spouse. Put the littles to bed slightly early and cook a later dinner together. Try a new recipe, put some music on, and enjoy the time alone to chat and just be together. Here’s a couple of new recipes that J and I want to try together….

Something to Make: Rigatoni with Steak Sauce — My hubby loves his red meat.

Veal Scaloppini with Saffron Cream Sauce — I am going to try it with chicken and leave out the saffron (it’s a little pricey).


Broiled Salmon with Herb Mustard Glaze


Something to Read: The GirlTalk Blog is a favorite blog of mine. I am continually thankful for the biblical wisdom they share and how they apply it so practically to everyday life. It is a constant source of encouragement, especially in mothering. This week they shared a post on Patient vs. Permissive Parenting and it was excellent. I highly encourage taking the time to read this!

Something to Soak Up: As we near the end of September, I am amazed at how fast this season of fall is going by. Make sure you soak up this beautiful time of year — go pick pumpkins or apples, buy some mums for your front porch, make a LOT of pumpkin flavored treats, take evening walks, collect leaves with your kids and press them into books, light and pumpkin candle and sit and read in the evening while sipping apple cider. It’s a glorious time of year — the best, in my opinion. Soak up the moments the Lord is good to give.

Have a beautiful weekend! 


2 thoughts on “Some Picks of the Week

  1. Alyssa W.

    I love the idea of doing a late dinner and cooking together! That is such a fun idea! Derrick is wanting to learn more about cooking! I read that post about being permissive. It was extremely convicting, but also encouraging! I can’t believe how fast fall is going either! I must go… Lydia is licking her bubble tray that she spilled!


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