Alone Time


This weekend I spent a little alone time at a coffee shop. If you follow me on any sort of social media, you can figure out in about two minutes that my hubby and I are big fans of coffee and the shops in which said coffee is sold. Spending a morning or an afternoon there together is a favorite thing for us. Being parents now means that our times getting away to do that are more rare than they use to be, (though we have sought to fully plunge our AK into the world of coffee shops from the first week of her existence.) So, we seek to take turns getting out to a coffee shop for some alone time; to think, plan, read, write, and just sit. I will say here, because I’m not one who relishes going out by myself, it has taken me a little while to buck up and do it, but I have done it a couple times now and it is lovely.

For both J and I it is a way we are refreshed, to just get away and be for a little while. We don’t overload ourselves with tasks we want to accomplish, we don’t bring all 12 books we are reading at the moment, and we don’t spend the time catching up on phone calls. We seek to make our time purposeful, yet simple. Time to think through life, pray, journal our thoughts, plan. It looks different for both of us each time we go, but each time we walk away blessed. We may be richly encouraged, we may be challenged and humbled, we may walk away still deep in thought, we may walk away feeling a huge weight lifted off, but we always walk away grateful, for we see the Lord working.

This weekend, I spent a portion of my time praying for my AK and thinking through how I can better love, serve, and teach her. Through that time of quiet thought and prayer the Lord revealed to me how I must, must, must be faithful to always look at my heart first before looking at hers (Matthew 7:1-5). I realized several ways in which I need to more fully lean on God’s grace, working in that grace, to be more like Him. I was able to write down some practical ways I can better serve, teach, and enjoy AK and this stage of her childhood. It was a sweet and helpful time to have.

In whatever ways best fit our families lifestyle, means, and situation, I think it is a helpful and good thing for parents to have time like this. Time to be still. Time to be refreshed. Whether it is at a coffee shop, a park, a restaurant, or a quiet corner of your house, time spent solely with your spouse or completely alone are beneficial for our hearts and minds. It helps us to refocus and to be reminded of the joy that is in each different season of life.


2 thoughts on “Alone Time

  1. Michelle

    Amen, sister! 😃 Time away like that is so refreshing! I’m proud of you for getting out for some alone time. It is so hard as parents to do this. So thankful you came away refreshed!


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