Fashion Finds

I made a couple of new purchases to add to my wardrobe recently. I have had to learn how to shop — clothes shopping was never something that came naturally to me. It overwhelmed me and I would make purchases that I soon regretted. With the help of sweet friends, and some blogs I follow, I have learned to add versatile pieces to my wardrobe, how better to mix-and-match outfits, and to be diligent to watch sales and check clearance racks. I have better discovered my personal style and thus, being able to add to my closet has become easier.

I try to keep a little list of clothing items and accessory items that would add well to my wardrobe, and help me have a good base for all different activities, events, and just everyday life. This helps me to not buy something that is basically a copy of an item I already own that could be used, and it helps me to be very purposeful in my purchases.

I have been on the look-out for a polka-dot blouse for a while. I love polka-dots, but as sizes of dots and styles of the way they are polka-dotted (a technical term) vary from shirt to shirt, I took my time to make a purchase. I also knew I wanted white with black dots or black with white dots — something classic. I found this one at Kohls:



It’s from the Lauren Conrad Collection at Kohls, and I love it! I picked up both the white with black polka dots and this one, and preferred the black base on myself. I loved the little addition of the tiny gold buttons as well. This blouse can be worn with jeans and flats or boots, I can pull a more dressy sweater over it for colder evenings, I can dress it up with white pants and heels for a date night or a more formal event, or tucked into a skirt with heels for a wedding — this is a shirt that will be worn often. I love the LC Collection at Kohls, she has some great pieces, but the prices are often more than I prefer to spend. However, with it being Kohls, they run sales constantly, and if you’re patient, you can often get the piece you are wanting for a great price! This shirt is originally $44.00, but was on sale for $24.99. I had a credit at Kohls so I was able to purchase it for less than $20, which was a huge blessing!

The other recent purchase was this pair of boots:



I love boot-wearing weather, but I was looking for a pair of boots a bit more casual than my knee-high pairs. Something easy to slip on for errands, taking Little to the park, etc. I was also looking for a gray as it is different color than I already own, and I love how gray goes with basically everything. I came across these at Payless a few weeks ago when shopping for shoes for AK. I waited to purchase them and was pleasantly surprised when I checked a couple weeks later and discovered they were on sale! They are originally $34.99, but were on sale (and still are) for $24.99. They’ve been well-loved already. They fit great and are super comfortable! They sell them in several different colors as well.

Thankful for a couple great new pieces to add to my fall wardrobe!

Happy Wednesday!


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