A Document to Share

I created this little weekly chart for myself as something that I could stick onto the front of the fridge (that big thing I walk past or open about 1500 times a day) to prevent myself from forgetting to thaw, again, the chicken for dinner or forget that we have a doctor’s appointment in an hour that I’m not at all ready for. Now, I have reminders set on my phone and a calendar that I use to plan as well, but as my calendar is too big to leave laid out on our limited counter space, and as I am a very visual person, I needed something that I couldn’t help but look at over and over again throughout the day. This was my solution.

It has been hugely helpful to me! I fill it out at the end of every week as I’m menu-planning for the upcoming week and fill it in with pencil so that I can change anything as the week goes on. My husband had the idea to save the finished ones in a folder at the end of the week and mark next to our meals what we thought as a help to make sure favorite meals are saved and disappointing ones are never thought of again. This can also be a way to refresh your mind on how much the meal cost to make and how much prep time it took if you wanted to be that thorough in your notes.

I’ve shared my chart with a few friends and they have found it helpful as well, so I thought I’d throw it up here for anyone else who might be interested.

Click on the picture below to download the PDF. Hope this serves you well!

Menu Template


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