He loves them best

There are no two people on this earth dearer to me than these two.


I love them so much it just makes my heart ache. And my love just continues to grow. Every single day. I look at them and I see beautiful pictures of the grace of God. His kindness is overwhelming.

Because I love them so much, I want everything in life to be joyful, easy, and encouraging for them. I want to fix anything that isn’t that way and make it better for them. I want to take away any hurt or pain they feel. When Little has shots at the doctor’s office or J has a rough week at work. When one of them is sick or experiences discouragement in some way. These are the moments I want to throw on my super-wife/super-mom cape and move mountains to make everything better. But, that isn’t my job.

Now, it goes without saying, I do everything to help, encourage, and love them in the best way I can. But I am not the one, and shouldn’t try to be the one, who is in control of whatever circumstances they are facing. The control belongs to the One who loves them even more than I do. In fact, He loves them more than I could ever fathom to. Because He loves them in such a way, He allows nothing in their life that isn’t the best for them at that time. He knows best, much better than I do, what they need in each day and why He is allowing certain circumstances in their life at any given time. He is doing His good work, drawing them to Himself more, making them more like Him. This is what I have to remember. This is what I have to rest and trust in.

With Little, I must be praying that she will soon recognize the Lord’s kind work in her life and believe on Him as her Savior. With J, I must be praying that through whatever circumstances he is in he will become more like the Lord because of it. I must trust in the truth I know that the Lord is good and wise. He is good ALL the time and PERFECTLY wise. As well as I know the circumstances because they are my husband and daughter, and as well as I know what affects them most, how they respond to different situations, and what encourages them well in those times. As well as I may know all of that, the Lord knows it better. He knows it to the full extent and thus, will do in His perfect wisdom, what is best for them both.

This is a hard road to travel, this daily giving over of our dearest loves to the Lord. A road of tears and aching hearts as we come to grips with the fact that they will have to face trials that we can’t fix, circumstances that we can’t make better. But, as believers, we can’t expect that we, or our loved ones, won’t face such things. But we, as believers, also have the sweetest hope to get us through such times, our great God. There is no better way we could love our dear ones than to be fully trusting them to Him, relying on His grace and wisdom to get us through whatever that day holds, and resting in His good promises.


I love these two, more than words. And I am deeply grateful that the Lord loves them abundantly more than I do.


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