Alyssa & Lydia

A couple weeks ago, a dear friend of mine, Alyssa, asked if I would be able to snap a few pictures of her and her sweet girl, Lydia. She was very thoughtful to ask me as I am quite new to the photography world in my own abilities. My husband is an exceptionally talented photographer, and I must say, the most patient and encouraging teacher of this trade. I was excited for the opportunity to do this for Alyssa and grateful for the chance to practice with close friends. And I mean, it takes looking at one picture to see how beautiful they both are and thus, how very easy to photograph!

This little family of three, and soon-to-be four – they will welcome their son, Luke, in January – have become precious friends to us over the past year and a half. The Lord has taken them on a difficult, beautiful journey since their little Lydia was born. She was born with a Congenital Heart Defect, Tetralogy of Fallot, and has undergone 2 open heart surgeries, at ages 5 and 12 months. The Lord has protected her throughout all of this and she is a healthy and strong girl! She is seriously one of the most joyful, lively, darling little people you will every meet. Her parents, Derrick and Alyssa, are two of the most kind, loving, joyful, faithful, and generous people to ever live. The testimony they have been of deep and unswerving trust in the Lord, even on the most heart-wrenching of days, has been incredible. They have praised Him and brought glory to His name every step of their journey. My husband and I count it a great gift to call them friends and to live life with them. They inspire us! Please take some time to go read Alyssa’s personal blog, Hearts of Delight, to see glimpses of their life and read more of their story. You will be blessed.

The morning we did our shoot ended up being quite the brisk fall morning. It was such fun though, to run around in the falling leaves with our girls and to enjoy the changing season.













Seriously, how lovely are they!? Alyssa is such a beautiful pregnant momma and Lydia’s smile just makes your heart happy! It was such a joy to get to take pictures of these friends.


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