Thanksgiving Pins

With Thanksgiving coming next week I thought I’d share some of my favorite Thanksgiving pins with you!


A Thanksgiving Cornucopia. Adorable. What a simple and fun treat to make with your kiddos and then deliver them to their little friends! You could attach notes on which your kids write why they are thankful for each one of their friends. Decorate the cards with little finger-print turkeys like the ones below. Altogether, an achievable craft to do with littles and something thoughtful to do for others!


A couple lovely, yet simple decor ideas.




Use a chalkboard – a favorite thing of mine. Hollow out gourds for either appetizers or votive candles. Make a simple banner – not hard to do and you can keep it for years. Fresh flowers are always a beautiful addition to a Thanksgiving table, and at this time of year you could use leaves, pine cones, wheat, and/or sticks for a creative centerpiece.

Lastly, a couple of my favorite ideas for tablecloth and placemat ideas. Buy a cloth tablecloth and at Thanksgiving each year pull it out and have family and friends write what they are thankful for. What a treasure to look at over the years and watch it be added to many times over. Use tan butcher paper to cut out placemats and on the right-hand side of the placemat write “I am Thankful For” at the top, use a ruler to make a few small straight lines below it, and at dinner have everyone fill it in and then share it together during dinner. Both of these ideas spur sweet and gratitude-filled conversation as we enjoy our dear ones on that most delightful day.

Thanksgiving is one of the sweetest days in all the year to me. I have so many treasured memories of this holiday and always look forward to its coming each year. I hope each one of you have a beautiful Thanksgiving this year!


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