A “Little” Find

I’ve been in the market for new bedding for our Little. We are transitioning her into her “big girl” bed after the holidays and I have several ideas in store for wall decorations, room accessories, etc., for her room, and I’d like to get her some new bedding to go along with it.
Obviously, keeping in mind, she won’t be in a toddler bed for much longer — oh, my heart. Time, please slow down — so not wanting to spend a small fortune for bedding. In searching, I have come across the bedding on The Land of Nod website and love it. Fabulous prices and I can mix and match the separate pieces to get the perfect combination for my girl.

Currently, I’m liking either a grey/pink or grey/gold combination.

Some of my favorite pieces:

The grey and white striped duvet cover – $39


The gold polka-dotted sheet set – $39


This combination of duvet cover and pink and white polka-dotted sheets, I love. Not planning on using the bunny pillow, though, as cute as it is. This sheet set is also $39.


They also have yellow and white polka-dotted sheets that look adorable with the grey. Great options at good prices. Thankful to have found this website!

Of course, I’m always using Pinterest for other ideas and inspiration, and I’ve scoured other websites, but so far, these are the best options combining price and designs I actually like for bedding for AK. We’ll see what wins out in the end.

Outside of bedding, The Land of Nod sells so many adorable, kid-friendly, and stylish options for toys, decor, furniture, etc. Just go look at the toy kitchen they sell – that’s the first piece I saw from their website and fell in love with it. We went with a different kitchen for AK’s upcoming Christmas, but this was a high contender! Go take a look.