A Sacred Marriage

Our pastor gave an excellent sermon yesterday on Divorce and Marriage. We are so thankful for a pastor who teaches the truth of Scripture, firmly holding to what God’s inspired word says, and also has great humility in his manner of teaching. In his sermon yesterday, he emphasized the great importance of caring for your marriage and honoring it as the sacred bond that it is. It is a gift, the most intimate relationship that can be shared on this earth, and a picture of Christ’s relationship with His church. We must treasure it, uphold it, and be examples of our sweet Savior in it.


This man. This man is the one I share that sacred bond with. The man who, 5 years ago this past fall, knelt down and asked me to be his wife. The man who I will celebrate with, on the 31st of this month, 5 years of sharing that bond together. This man is the very best man and the person that I love most on this earth. And as I sat listening to our pastor teach yesterday, my mind was filled with thoughts about how I love my husband and how I want to love him even more.

How do I love, honor, and submit to my husband as the church does to Christ? How do I honor our marriage as the sacred bond that it is? How do I love Jason more than I love myself? How do I treasure him as the gift that he is to me? How do I grow in all this ways? How do I live out all these things to him and for the glory of the Lord? I never want there to be a time in my life where I am not diligently praying and thinking through these things. There will never be a time on this earth where I will reach perfection as a wife, but that is the very goal for which I strive. That, by God’s great grace and through His love, I be ever increasing in my unselfish, sacrificial love for Jason – in all areas of our life and marriage. That I be seeking his best and showing him by my actions, words, deeds, interaction with others, and talking about our marriage, that the thoughts and desires of my mind and heart are to love him better than I love myself, to honor him as my husband, my leader, and my lover, and to uphold our marriage as the sacred, beautiful, sanctifying, Christ-exalting bond that it is.

Whether it is putting together his lunch for work in the morning, making our home comfortable and welcoming for him, speaking respectively to him, leading our children in example of honoring his authority in our home, planning date nights and getaways for us, dropping a coffee by his work in the afternoon, faithfully preparing meals, being unselfish towards him, giving him time away to be alone and be refreshed, encouraging him, affirming him. Whatever it is I am doing or saying, I am showing him, our children, and all those around me how I view our marriage. And my greatest prayer for our marriage is that when people look at it they don’t see us, but they see Jesus, His grace in our lives, and His love lived out.

God gave me the greatest gift on this earth when He gave me Jason as my husband and I pray and seek that I always treasure him as such.


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