Some Picks of the Week

Something to Read:


If you are a lover of American History as I am, you must read this book. A few months ago I wrote about the books I was reading at the time, one of them being Killing Lincoln. Because I was reading so many things at once it took me a little while to make good head-way through this one. The week of Christmas Jas and I spent every afternoon while our Little was napping with coffee and books. It’s basically our favorite pastime. I had finished a couple of the other books I was reading so I focused my attention on Killing Lincoln. The first section on the book is full of dates, battles, and events surrounding the end of the Civil War. The rest of the book begins to focus more on the timeline in both Lincoln’s and John Wilkes Booth’s lives of the days leading up to the assassination and it was gripping. Particularly during the last section of the book that describes the events after the assassination and the hunt for Booth I couldn’t put it down. It was all so fascinating, saddening, and shocking to learn all the details behind Booth’s plot and to gain a broader and deeper understanding of the politics of that time, what Lincoln was facing and the toll it was taking on him, and to see how deeply Lincoln was both beloved and hated. What a brave, hopeful man he was, with a deep love for his country and a passion to see it united once again. Bill O’Reilly did an excellent job with this book and I’m anxious to read Killing Kennedy sometime very soon!

Something to Cook: The other night I tried out a new dish from Pinterest. Now, sometimes you try a recipe you find there and after the first couple of bites you say, “okay. never again.” This is not one of those recipes. It is called Crispy Parmesan Chicken with Balsamic Roasted Tomatoes and it is so tasty. Alongside it we made Spinach Parmesan Orzo which was a new experience as neither one of us has ever had orzo before. Again, so tasty. This one of those “hubby has a second helping of everything” meals, so you know it’s a keeper.

Something to Wear: I love scarves. They are a favorite accessory of mine. It can completely change the look of an outfit and all you had to do was wrap something around your neck! Plus, in the freezing winter time, they give that added bonus of another layer. Fashion + Practicality = double win. Well, right now Target has quite a chunk of their scarves on clearance. I found this one for $7.48 the other day. I actually was able to snag it for $2 something because I had $5 something left on a gift card. Happy day!


It’s a Gray Herringbone Print and I love it. (The tassels look better in reality than on this picture, by the way.) It is so soft and, while it says that it is $10.48 online, it is $7.48 in stores.  They still had several in stock when I went back to my Target today. I actually purchased one for a gift too! I saw about 10-12 other styles and prints that they had on clearance, some $7.48, some closer to $10. So if you’re in the market for something new for yourself or as a lovely, but reasonably priced, gift you might want to go take a peek.

Something to Cherish: Being packed in our tiny kitchen all together, Little sitting on the counter dumping ingredients into the mixer, making homemade chocolate chip cookies. The giggles, the excitement, the chatting, the eating of dough, the happy scream when the timer for the cookies dings, and the chocolate smeared across her face after eating one. These are sweet days.


Something to Think On: This quote is one that my dad shared with my siblings and I a long time ago and it has been a favorite of mine since that time. I have it framed above my kitchen sink and, without fail, every time I read it I am challenged, encouraged, and comforted by the truths that are shared in it. 

“Christian contentment is that sweet, inward, gracious frame of spirit that freely submits to and delights in God’s wise and fatherly disposal in every condition.” – Jeremiah Burroughs

Have a beautiful weekend, friends!


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