Out of Commission

My lack of participation in the social media/blogging world this past week is due to the fact that I was stricken with the nasty flu virus that is going around. After a fabulous evening out with my sweet girlfriends I woke the next morning to find myself feeling rather awful. Talk about ending your birthday weekend with a bang.

This flu is a mean one. I don’t remember the last time I was sick with the flu, but now I remember why it’s the one that all people try to avoid so diligently every year.

Though it was a rough week and I am still not back to normal as of yet, I am thankful for the flu and all the sweet reminders it brought with it.

I am thankful……..

To live in a time gifted with modern medicine to relieve aches and fevers. To have a never ending supply of clean liquids. To be able to buy tissue boxes in large quantities. To be entertained by Food Network and the Australian Open.


To have an adorable, thoughtful 2 year old daughter who would climb up on the couch by my feet to snuggle and keep me company, talk to me, and “check her fever” with me.


To be married to the most selfless, gentle man who was running back and forth from work to home to care for me, cook for me, and entertain our Little…..seriously, there’s no better man. Thankful for my husband’s job. Toys that are easily transported from room to room so that J and AK could play near me and keep me company.


To be able to write birthday thank-you notes. To be able to rest.


To sip hot tea. To read blogs and be inspired and learning as I kept the couch company for a good long time. Our generous, sweet friend, Anna, who brought us dinner, during a blustery snowfall no less.


Again, to be humbled by the servant heart of my hubby who ran errands and cleaned the house and made the most delicious Irish Beef Stew you’ve ever, ever tasted.

So many things to be thankful for. One of my dearest friends welcomed her handsome little boy this week, that brightens even the sickest of days! Not to mention my precious mother and mother-in-love, siblings, and friends who were constantly checking on me, praying for me, and sending me a stream of encouraging text messages.

The Lord’s kindness is so evident in the every day moments of life. I am glad to be slowly getting back to my normal self and normal routine, but I am thankful for opportunities the Lord gives to slow me down and help me see the countless reasons to give thanks in each season of life, even if it’s accompanied by fever.


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