Some Picks of the Week

Something to Cook: This past weekend when I was down with the flu my sweet hubby made one of the best meals. Irish Beef Stew — a Pinterest recipe. It was the perfect meal for a cold day when you’re laid up sick on the couch. My man is amazing for a thousand different reasons and one of the thousand is his cooking skills and his love of good food. This meal was fantastic. He used 1.5 lbs. of meat rather than 3 lbs, used potatoes instead of parsnips and rutabagas, upped the amount of veggies a little bit and it was perfect. The quintessential comfort food.


Something to Read: For a while now I’ve been telling Jas that I wished there were more solid, biblical books about beauty. Books that flesh out the truths of Scripture that speak to beauty and give help and encouragement in a wise, thoughtful way. So, I was so excited to come across this blogpost from GirlTalk the other day and find out that come March there will be a new book on beauty out on the shelves! And written by some of my favorite writers who love Jesus and faithfully speak His truth in their writing. It’s all I can do not to preorder boxes of books for myself and all the women in my life. I cannot wait to read it!

Something to Make: In a little over a week we are heading to CO to see our Coobs side of the family. We can’t wait! As we look towards different trips this year, I was trying to think of a fun way to countdown the days leading up to those trips that makes it more fun and understandable for Little. Something simple that she could take part in making and be a visual reminder of our upcoming trip. So we made a little paper chain. She was so exciting making it and gets excited each day when we cut off another one of the little rings. Just a small thing that helps her understand the countdown a bit better and increases the happy anticipation with each day! I think this has become our new tradition.


Have a wonderful weekend, all! Stay warm! 


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