Be IN it


As most any wife, mother, homemaker, woman does, I battle weekly with setting aside that time to be daily in the Word and in prayer. But as most any wife, mother, homemaker, woman would probably echo, as I grow more into these roles in my life and in my walk with the Lord I grow more aware of the great need in my life to be daily in the Word and in prayer and thus, I battle all the more diligently to set aside and guard that time in sweet solitude with my Savior.

Part of the battle I have faced over the years is not placing a judgmental and wrong expectation on myself that my quiet time had to be had first thing in the morning. If I didn’t do it then I was mentally defeated, telling myself I blew it and there went that day and I wouldn’t even entertain the possibility of having a quiet time later in the day. By God’s grace, I don’t think that way anymore. There is no judgement placed on when we have our quiet time during the day. The need is to be still, seeking Jesus in the Word and in prayer, filling our heart and mind with His truth, and growing in grace and obedience to Him.

As the sweet old hymn says: we need Him every hour. Our lives and situations are each different. The number of children we have, whether we work outside the home or not, children’s school schedule, appointments, physical needs, etc. The point is not that we sit down to read the Word at 6:30am every day. The point is that we are in the Word. My sister-in-law shared a blogpost she read a couple of years ago where a mom shared that she placed bibles in all the different rooms of the house where she spent time throughout the day and would leave them open to whatever she was reading at that time. When she was working on a task in that particular room (cooking dinner, folding laundry, etc) she would read as she worked. I thought that was such a neat way to be faithfully filling her mind with truth — all day long.

Let’s also be faithful to check our hearts in another way in this area. Are we missing out on our time in the Word because we really aren’t placing the importance on it that we ought to? Are we allowing that to be the one thing that gets shut out of our day because of laziness, selfishness, or mixed-up priorities? Let us be honest with ourselves here. I know that there are maaaaaaany times in my life where I don’t have a quiet time because I just wanted to sleep in, or I just had to get that particular task done, or I needed to make those phone calls right then, the list goes on. Convenience, sleep, productivity, you name it – these things can quickly become an idol and cost us that which truly fulfills our needs.

This is a constant area of needed growth in my life. The Lord has been good to reveal idols and judgmental attitudes in my heart and make it very evident to me how far I can go in a day or week without diligently seeking Him……it’s not far. I am thankful, by God’s grace, that I begin see how my mind becomes a workshop of wrong thoughts and motivations and my heart a factory of sinful attitudes and desires. For in that I see His goodness to me to, once again, show me how great is my need for Him and His truth.

So whatever time of day, wherever we are, whatever our situation, let’s faithfully seek Him. The days are so much sweeter when we do.


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