5 wonderful years

5 years ago on our honeymoon……


Our beautiful life today…..


Five years ago today I woke up in a hotel room, my mom gently rubbing my back and saying, “Good Morning. You’re getting married today.” I will never ever forget that first moment on my wedding day. I was getting married. I was committing to spend my life with a certain, wonderful man. About 6 hours later I walked down the aisle to that certain man, completely overwhelmed by the joy in that moment. Standing at the front of the church, waiting for me, was this man – who looked just so so good – this picture of God’s grace and goodness in my life. When I walked back down the aisle that day I walked with my husband and our life as one began.

The thought that it has been 5 years brings 2 thoughts to my mind. I can’t believe 5 years have already gone by! In the same hand, I’m pretty sure we’ve been married for at least 20 because life without being married to Jas seems like a memory ago.

These 5 years have been the best of my life. And it truly, truly just gets sweeter. My love for Jas deepens daily and the joy of spending life with my best friend only increases. Through everything – whether moments of the sweetest joy or moments when we are confessing sin to one another – the days, months, and years have been beautiful. For in all of those moments the Lord has sanctified us, changed us, and deepened our understanding of who He must be in our individual hearts and our life together.

Jason, each day with you is a gift. Since walking down the aisle to you, I have only grown more amazed of the Lord’s goodness to me. The way that you love me, the way you love Anna Kate, the way you lead our family, the way you work, the way you communicate, the way you serve, the way you think and process things, the way you care for others, the way you plan — every part of you is a humble, thoughtful, gentle, strong, wise, careful, and loving evidence of the fact that you love Jesus most and seek Him first. Your devotion to Him is the most faithful example to me. Being married to you, my best friend, is the sweetest joy in the world. And becoming parents together, by God’s gift of our beautiful daughter, has deepened my love for you as we walk through parenting this little treasure together. As I look back over the past 5 years, the Lord’s faithfulness in our lives is so clear and I praise Him for all that He has taught us. What grace to have Him lead us, teach us, and make us more like Himself as we seek Him together.

Happy Aniversary, my Love. I am so thankful for you. There is no one dearer to me in the world. I love you more with every day.

– Me


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