happy friday

Happy Friday, friends!

I’ve been a bit MIA on the blog the past couple of weeks due to the life-changing process that is potty-training. More on that later.

Also, we are traveling again. AK and I are now in the great state of Texas visiting our Warren side of the family — my parents, siblings, and nephews. Missing our favorite guy being with us, but so grateful to be here spending this time with our family. They sure are a wonderful bunch! And loving the spring weather that has hit here the past couple of days.


So, on to the rest…..

01. I’m sure many of you know about the app Over. Brilliant app. My hubby is friends with the creator of it — incredibly talented guy — and has learned a great deal from him. Aaron is one of those inspiring entrepreneurs with a brain filled-up with ideas. Recently, Aaron and his team worked with Forest Giant Inc., based here in Louisville, to create the Louisville Love App. Obviously, this app is geared to Louisville-ians and is fantastic in being so. The characteristics that make Louisville the city it is — like the 1,001 coffee shops — are perfectly packaged in this app. Here’s a sample of its art at work. Photo credit to my man:IMG_8271

02. An excellent post from the Girl Talk Blog — “When a Husband Doesn’t Help”. I laughed to myself as I read this post because it is so.very.true. And the Elisabeth Elliot quote she shares in the post — perfect.

03. Gospel Coalition Video — These Word are Not Idle Words!”. I watched this video the other morning and was both encouraged and challenged in my own study of the Scriptures. Grateful for these ladies insight.

04. I don’t know how long H&M has been around, but I just discovered it within the last 6 months. I first found it through another blog and then a store was put in one of our malls here in town. Several purchases have been the result. They have some adorable kids clothes. Before Christmas I came across their 2 packs of long-sleeve shirts for little girls for $9.95! Terrific price, the patterns were simple and sweet, and the fabric was soft and comfy. And now, they have the same deal with t-shirts.


Her shirts are this set, except the polka dot shirt is a navy blue base — they didn’t have the mint in our store. There are several more options for the packs online. Perfect spring and summer wear!

05. I have come across some rather delicious looking recipes for homemade doughnuts recently. My mom has a spectacular homemade doughnut recipe that she has made for us for years, so I understand the pure bliss that biting into these little dough creations can bring. So, this little pan has found its way onto my Amazon wish list and hopefully will soon be arriving at my doorstep. 91i9CJKoehL._SL1500_

My sis-in-law told me that these were in her stocking on Christmas morning and they are great! Great price too! And if you have Amazon Prime, free shipping. Looking forward to some fabulous Saturday mornings in our near future, involving this recipe for Double Chocolate Cake Doughnuts from Joy the Baker. Wow.

Have a fabulous weekend, all!


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