a journal entry


yesterday morning, I woke up overwhelmed, filled with that urge to pull the blankets up a little higher and stay put. I am thankful for my husband who didn’t let me stay put and for the words of truth that I read as I sipped my coffee. These words were in response to that……..

Today, on this full day of errands, grocery lists, cleaning out the car, preparing for a photo shoot, making blog plans, and caring for my family, He sustains me. He holds it all together. All of it. Down to the little bits and pieces that seem so mundane. He sustains me in every task and calls me to give Him glory as I go about each one (1 Cor 10:31). He is over it all.

Am I faithful to give Him the glory? Am I showing trust in His strength by my responses to my circumstances? As I cry tears of weariness, from an overwhelmed mind, do I remember that His grace is sufficient in my weakness and that I ought to “boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses,” as Paul did (2 Corinthians 12:9)? This must be what I’m remembering.

And God is so good. As I went about my day yesterday, in all the tasks, the errands, the preparations; as I sought to lay each one at His feet and trust Him with the outcome, He gave my heart with peace. Peace in the moment and peace about the outcome of each moment. Too often I forget that each little thing that makes up the whole of my day is held in His hand and He has prepared me for each one. I need to take it step by step, task by task, errand running by errand running, and focus on having a heart of joy and gratitude in each one. In each one of those things I have an opportunity to glorify God’s name or respond in selfishness, anxiety, or fear. Which one am I going to do?

So today, in the midst of laundry, picture editing, blog writing, cookie making, potty training, and washing dishes, which one am I going to choose? And honestly, when I look at that list of things I have before me, how can I not have a grateful heart for the fact that the Lord has entrusted those things to me? How kind He has been to give me these sweet and precious tasks. And that’s what I should hold onto.



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