a moment


Peeking out from the front door, watching them talk together, hearing Little describe to Daddy what all she noticed in the space around her: big trucks driving by, tiny bugs scooting across the cement, all her little observances. Seeing them just sitting and being together. Just enjoying each other’s company.

He loves her so much I think his heart might completely burst one day. And she completely adores him. They are buddies. They have such a precious bond that I love being able to witness. When I watch them together it stirs up such gratitude and emotion in my heart.

I’m so thankful for the man I am blessed to parent with. I’m so thankful for the Daddy my little girl has been given. For his protection over her, the wisdom he speaks to her, the gentleness he displays to her, the constant fun they have together, the fact that no one makes her laugh the way he does, the way he is so diligent to teach her and train her and tell her about Jesus, the fact that he spends focused time with her. He is her hero. Every day when he walks in the door before dinner I witness the pure delight the presence of her Daddy brings her and it is so dear.

This moment the other day was instantly one of those moments that I knew I would never forget. I wanted to shut the door to just let them be, but at the same time, I wanted to keep standing there, peeking through the doorway. There they sat, the two dearest loves of my heart, on the front stoop, eating popsicles together. A simple moment. But one that is forever etched in my mind.



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