the weekend

This weekend……

On Saturday morning the emotional thoughts were a struggle to battle. This weekend was a rather large revelation of where I find my identity and my value. So the emotions were high at times, the wrong thoughts were waging war, and the defeat was trying to creep in. And as I was in the midst of preparing myself for the rest of our day on Saturday the mental battle was strong.

I am grateful for the never-ending reminders of how much I need Jesus, and there were a lot of those this weekend. Some of those moments were born out of finding and focusing on the ways in which I see His blessing and His grace in my life. Saturday lunchtime was one of those. I set my straightening iron down, walked into the hallway and was met with the smell of mac-and-cheese being prepared mixed with the smell of the fresh spring air coming in from our screen doors. As I wandered down to the kitchen there were evidences of my little girl’s presence in our home strewn all over the floor. There were fresh flowers on the table and in the kitchen were the two people who are the greatest evidences of God’s kindness to me. All those pieces fit together to remind me of my Savior’s goodness, His presence, and the full and free grace He gives me to work through the yucky stuff. _MG_8199


Sunday morning coffee, music, and dishes before church. A sweet way to begin the day._MG_8471

Post-nap snuggles. Moments like this fill my heart to bursting._MG_8472

I’ve always loved apples and peanut butter together. Throw in chocolate chips and I suddenly like it even more. _MG_8481

Sunday afternoon baking. Cherishing these days where she can sit on the counter, some ingredients don’t quite make it into the bowl, and I hear her say, “My help, Mommy?” And little fingers dusted with flour are my favorite. _MG_8483



Thankful for a cozy, lovely, heart-growing weekend. How was your’s? Lovely as well, I hope!


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