these friends


these friends. they’re pretty special.

the story goes that several of them, my hubby included, have known each other since middle school. they walked together through high school, argentina, crushes and dating relationships, birthdays, strange waffle house experiences, and every other thing that happens during those significant years of your life. that whole group grew up and eventually started getting married. with each one’s marriage the spouse has become part of “the gang.” now everyone is married and several of us have littles and one of us has tweek, the cat. two of the couples, us included, don’t live in Georgia, but everyone else does. and we are all friends.

these are people that walk through every bit of life with you. that when you get together you feel like you just saw each other yesterday. you are fully yourself around one another. you know each other so well that you know how the others will react whether they are stressed, excited, exhausted, emotional, uncomfortable, or just really happy. you can read each other easily and you know what means a lot to each other. you can talk for hours or just sit and be quiet. you feel the comfort of being able to be completely open and know that you’ll be met with understanding, laughter, encouragement, prayers, or honest truths. you feel totally comfortable being in each other’s homes and helping make dinner or wash the dishes or rummage around for what you need. you fully trust one another to watch your kids, knowing they all love your little almost as much as you do. you text each other whenever you need or want to. you would drop everything if they needed you to come right then. you experience everyone’s most exciting moments in life and most heartbreaking moments in life. you challenge each other, encourage each other, pray for each other, send each other goofy birthday videos, eat a lot of good food together, have dance parties and jam sessions together, have meltdowns together, take trips together, and laugh uncontrollably together. these friends are wonderful, weird, hysterical, thoughtful, non-expectation holding, coffee drinking, deeply loving people. and we love them. a whole heck of a lot.

i am so thankful. so thankful. that one of the thousands of gifts i gained as jas’ wife was the friendship of all these people. i feel like i’ve known them since middle school too. and that’s pretty cool.


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