happy friday // 03



01 // I’m on the hunt for the perfect striped blazer. I’ve been wanting to add a blazer to my wardrobe for some time now and once the striped blazers starting appearing, that was it. Some of the options I’ve found — Old Navy. Gap. JCrew. Macys. Target1. Target2. Gap and JCrew are my favorites with the Macys blazer not far behind.

02 // I finally made Pioneer Woman’s Iced Coffee today and it is the best iced coffee I’ve ever made at home. Letting the coffee grounds steep for at least 12 hours it, (I let ours go for the full 24), keeps the fullness of the coffee flavor so that you don’t end up drinking watered down cream and sugar. Because that’s just all-around unpleasant. J and I have a bit of a particular taste when it comes to our iced coffee and this one has proven itself to be a winner. Thank you, Pioneer Woman. You’re terrific.

03 // A sweet craft idea to do with your littles. I’d like to do this with AK using a blank white canvas and hang it in her room. I treasure that darling dimpled handprint of hers.

04 // “There are thoughts here of comfort for all true believers……..” — a beautiful quote from J.C. Ryle shared on the Girl Talk Blog this week. This quote is so full of the goodness and truth of Scripture. May we find comfort, as believers, in this — “Wherever they may be, or whatsoever their circumstances, the Lord Jesus sees them.”

05 // I’ve seen several people share their summer reading lists. A few books that are on mine — True Beauty, The Paris Wife, continuing the delightful Appetite for Life, Bread and Wineand Glimpses of Grace. And no doubt that list will soon gain a few more additions, including my 25th read of Pride and Prejudice. It’s just so good. Several of these books I’ve had for a while, but I’m a slow reader who enjoys reading 5 books at a time, so it takes me a little while to make progress. What books are on your summer reading lists, friends?

I hope that you all enjoy a lovely Friday and a truly refreshing weekend! Enjoy the little moments.

Happy Friday, friends!


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