mothers day

Happy Mother’s Day, to all of you beautiful mothers who have watched your children become adults, who are in the midst of raising your littles at home right now, who have sweet babies who are now with Jesus, and who are praying and yearning for a precious baby to hold as your own. I am grateful to be alongside all of you in this journey.

Motherhood is the hardest, dearest, most challenging, most rewarding role I’ve ever been given. Through it the Lord has sanctified me in the most heart-revealing ways. He has taught me everyday that I cannot rely on my strength alone to get me through. He has used it to bring me to my knees and reveal again and again that I am fully reliant on His grace. And He has given me a greater and more precious knowledge of His love for all people in that He sacrificed His only child, His beloved Son, so that we might be His.

Motherhood — it is a gift and a priceless privilege. What grace the Lord has shown me to choose me to be mommy to the most beautiful, strong, thoughtful, tender-hearted, brave, introverted, darling little girl. The moment she was first placed in my arms I was overwhelmed with how much I loved her. I never experienced that mix of emotions — fierce protection, tender care, and deep love — until motherhood. The relationship that we share is unique to the two of us. A bond that is our’s only, as mother and daughter. I treasure that. As the days go by, and they truly do fly, I watch her grow with my heart-aching and rejoicing all at once, my eyes brimming with tears, my “mommy moments” coming more frequently, and my prayers for her heart to know Jesus growing more fervent every day. And as she grows the depth of my understanding does too. This role is a weighty one. A rich, beautiful, heart-wrenching, weighty one.

One of the great blessings of motherhood is you don’t walk it alone. Every week I am again reminded of the beautiful army of women I am surrounded by who walk through both the battle lines and the daisy-filled fields with me. A couple weeks ago one of my dearest friends and I sat together, with tears, sharing with one another our struggles with anger and impatience. Her openness was an example and a sweet comfort as I was reminded, in that moment, I’m not alone in facing these things. As humbling as it was to admit our sin to one another, it was so freeing. In those moments of vulnerable sharing and realizing again our constant need for the transforming grace of Jesus in our lives, I am always reminded of His kindness to give us each other to walk through life with. I have had friends bring me flowers on rough mommy days, they send texts, they pray for me, they hug me, they take my little for a play date so I can have some mommy alone time, they encourage me, they let me ramble, they speak truth to me, they laugh with me as we share mommy-fail moments, and above all, they point me to Jesus. They are amazing examples of seeking Jesus as they teach, train, discipline, encourage, and love their littles. They pursue Him in every aspect of their mothering and testify to His grace, His abundant strength, and His perfect wisdom. They are my friends, my family, my sisters.

To you, my beautiful army — thank you. I am so humbled to have you alongside me in this journey. You live in several different states, you have older littles, smaller littles, & are trusting Jesus with His perfect plan for when He will bring a little into your life. Each one of you, in your unique, lovely, gentle, often humorous way, are a tool in my life that spurs me on to grow in greater godliness in my mothering. Thank you for your faithful prayers, your hugs, your notes, your texts, your phone calls, for bringing me coffee and flowers, for your truth-filled encouragement, your sense of humor, your kindness, your gentleness, your love for me and my AK, and for reminding me that in each day God is good, He is wise, He is strong, and He is working in me. I celebrate each one of you on this day and praise Jesus for His kindness in blessing your husbands, your littles, and the rest of the world with you. And I’m sure thankful that He allowed me to be your friend and sister. I love each one of you dearly.

To my precious sister, Megan — one of the most sacrificial, wise, selfless, and faithful examples of motherhood I know. You are a gift to our family. Watching the way you teach and train your boys, in the big and small things, is such a reflection of your love for Christ. You are thoughtful in every task with them, gentle and patient in your responses, present and focused, you laugh when you just need to laugh, and you love them with such selflessness. I am so thankful to learn from you and with you. I love you, sweet sister!

To my dear mother-in-love, Marianne — thank you for loving me as your own. I realize more and more what a rare and sweet relationship we share and what a gift that is. Your thoughtfulness and unselfish generosity is an example to me of how to love and serve others in a way that regards them as more important than myself. Your encouragement to me is a kind and humbling gift and the knowledge that you are always praying for me is a comfort. Thank you for reminding me to enjoy every moment, to trust Jesus with my darling little, to bring all my anxieties, hopes, and thoughts to Him, and to show love in all I do. You are so dear to me. I love you so much!

And to my darling mother, Brenda — since the day I became a mommy myself, I have continued to grow more humbled at the grace of God in giving me a mother like you. “Her children rise up and call her blessed,” — we do. You are the loveliest example of gentleness, patience, humility, and selfless love. Over all the years the greatest thing I can say about you is that you love Jesus with all your heart and you testify to His glory in every area of your life. There is no one I’d rather take after as a mother. Most especially because when I see you as a mother I see the Lord’s grace and goodness. I pray that Anna Kate sees Jesus through me the way that I always see Him in you. You have taught me how to love well, how to serve sacrificially, to give generously, to be content, to think rightly, to find my worth in the Lord, to love my husband most and be his faithful, gentle helper, to bring Jesus into every part of how I teach my little, to let dishes sit in the sink, to let the toys be scattered about, to complete my tasks diligently and joyfully, to set things aside to focus on my little, to remember the grace-filled moments and let the hard ones go, to sing, to bang out frustration on the piano, to cook, to treasure books and music, to seek the wisdom and counsel of others, to be quick to hear and slow to speak, to be wise and frugal, to welcome others into my home, to be creative, to be thankful, and to do all of things to the glory of the Lord. You are beautiful, Mom, and I am so very glad that I’m your daughter. I love you so dearly!

And to the beautiful little one who calls me mommy, my sweet Anna Kate — there are not words enough to describe how much I love you and how amazed, humbled, and deeply grateful I am that God chose me to be your mommy. From the day I learned you were growing inside of me I have known a love for you that is unlike any other. Watching you grow and change each day, seeing you grow from a baby to a little girl, hearing the new words you discover each day and how you learn to process your thoughts into conversation, having you next to me as my little companion and helper, learning from you how to enjoy the beauty of simplicity, cheering with you, praying for you, learning with you, teaching and training you, enjoying your triumphs and caring for your stumbles, learning every day how to let you go and trust Jesus more with you, praying that your heart will be His and your life one of faithfulness to Him, excited to see the future and tearful as it comes so fast, treasuring your laughter, dancing and singing with you, having adventures with you, and seeking to teach you above all else about the God who loves you and desires your heart to be His. I treasure these days with you, sweet pea. You are my darling little girl and hearing the name, “mommy”, come from you is one of the greatest gifts I will ever receive. I love you, my little sunshine.

Happy Mother’s Day, dear friends! I hope it’s a sweet one!


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