a learning heart


As momma to my precious girl my greatest prayer and hope for her life is that she come to know Jesus as her Savior. To know the surpassing greatness of His grace and His love for her; that, as much as her daddy and her mommy love her, it doesn’t even compare to the depth of God’s love for her. I pray that she seek Him diligently and be faithful to His truth. That she know that her value lies in Him and in the beautiful, gifted creation He has shaped her to be. That she step out in confidence and bravery, knowing He will lead and guide her in wisdom. That she trust His work in her life, be sensitive to His teaching, and rely on His strength. That she be joyful in the satisfaction and fulfillment that He brings and be hopeful in all His great plans for her life.

As we seek to be faithful to teach her about Christ, we fervently hope and pray that her little mind is soaking up truth and that, as she grows, her understanding will deepen and heart will yearn for more. And the Lord is so kind. He gives us these precious moments where we see that her mind is indeed hearing and beginning to more fully understand what we are teaching her.

The other day she climbed up next to Jas and I on our bed, with Jas’ small Bible in her hand, and said, “Dod (God) teach my mommy daddy. Teach me!” Instant tear-filled eyes. Hearing her say that was one of the sweetest, most joyful moments we’ve experience as her parents. She’s hearing it! She’s understanding it! Thank you, Lord, for this gift of grace!

And just today, I asked her, “Little, what does God’s Word tell us?” And she said, “Dod teach me, obey mommy daddy. Obey Me (Me as in God speaking that).” There is nothing more dear than hearing your little one start to share their understanding of truth and what God teaches us and who He is. In these moments my heart fills with such gratitude and aches even more for her precious heart to know Him. That her sin will be washed white as snow and she will walk with Him all the days of her life.

My eyes fill with grateful tears and my heart leaps with praise in these dear, hopeful moments. The Lord is working through it all. He is good.


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