a camping trip

We took our first family camping trip this past weekend. The weather was absolutely the best it could be for camping, our camping spot was peaceful and wooded in the exact way a camping spot should be and, minus an entire fleet of UPS planes flying directly — and loudly — over our heads at 4:30am, every other piece of the trip was perfect.

Every time that we take a getaway all together, even if just for one night, J and I endlessly talk about how thankful we are that we made the plan, took the time, and spent the money. The memories we walk away with are priceless — in true MasterCard form. The moments we capture on camera are ones that we can look at for years to come. And the moments that we savor without the camera, just soaking up the sweetness of them quietly to ourselves, are ones that we will cherish for a lifetime.






And we enjoy food, whatever the situation.









There’s just something uniquely refreshing about camping. It causes you to stop and slow down and delight in God’s incredible creation. It’s peaceful and still, without distraction. The fire, the food, the s’mores, the chats around the campfire, the beautiful morning hours, the strolls down wooded paths. And it is perfect family time. Time to just enjoy one another, discover things together, and have a little adventure.







These times away together are always full of learning and reflection. We talk about the little things and the deep heart matters. We sit quietly together and we play chase. These times are some of our very favorite and they leave us with hearts full of gratitude and an even greater desire to treasure that which will last. And I love my people. Very, very much.



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