pieces of our weekend 01


It was a good weekend. Thankful for:

01 // The beautiful campus we live on and are able to enjoy together in all seasons.

02 // The mommy robin bird that made a nest on our friend’s front door wreath, laid her incredible blue eggs, and now we can watch the baby birds grow.

03 // The giggles and requests of “do it again” that fill the air when Daddy throws her up in the air like this.

04 // Afternoon latte and almond biscotti. And a hubby who works so hard, even on weekend afternoons sometimes. He is a selfless, diligent, faithful, and excellent worker.

05 // Long Saturday mornings spent with coffee and the Word.

06 // Simple lunches in our pjs on a picnic blanket in the living room watching a favorite movie.

07 // Blog reading in bed.

08 // These two. Weekends are wonderful because of them.

09 // A spur of the moment coffee shop date with one of my favorite friends. Hers is a truly priceless friendship.

Looking forward to the week ahead. I’m excited about a girlie date with two lovely friends of mine tonight. A shorter work week for my hubby makes Monday sweeter. And it’s cloudy outside which means an instant dose of extra coziness within.

I hope your weeks are starting off in a beautiful way! What does your week ahead hold?

Happy Monday to you all!

— Jenny



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