happy friday // 11

“I come to you with open arms.” Thank you, Journey, for accurately describing my sentiments about the weekend.

It’s been a sweet week with having my parents in town for several days and now enjoying the fact that my little sister lives here in the same town as us! On the same hand, there were the emotions added in of watching my parents enter empty-nest stage and seeing them say goodbye to my little sister. I think all of us — my parents, my sis, J and I — were all a bit emotionally drained at the end of that day. These are exciting times, but major transitions like this mean a whole load of emotions and new adjustments to walk through. And watching Mom and Dad start their youngest at college and enter this new stage of life hit J and I in an even deeper way as we thought about our little 2 year old darling asleep in the next room. Oh, parenthood, the things you do to us. So with all the change and busyness for everyone, I know that we are all thankful for the welcome rest and refreshment ahead this weekend! Both in KY and TX. 🙂


01 // This little boy on Ellen. He will make you smile.

02 // I made these rice krispie treats for our Community Group this past Wednesday. I wasn’t sure how everyone would feel about them, people have their texture issues and such, but they were gone in probably less than 10 minutes. Note: I stirred in about 5….6…..or 7 ounces of semisweet chocolate chips, rather than drizzling semisweet chocolate over the top. I just need those chunks of chocolate. 


03 // I love these food cutting Melissa and Doug sets. Whenever our Little gets her hands on one of these sets she zones in and spends however much time she is able preparing the most delectable wooden meals. We’re anxious to add a couple of these to our personal chef’s kitchen collection.

04 // I’m excited to see this movie. I mean, it has a strong emphasis on food, it’s set in the southern countryside of France, Helen Mirren is a main character, and I’m sure it has a great soundtrack. I’ve found foodie movies to be pretty consistent with that.


05 // We often pit thinking and feeling against each other, especially when it comes to the Christian experience. Glorifying God with our minds and hearts, however, is not either-or, but both-and.” — an excerpt from the description on Amazon of John Piper’s new book, Think. This one is high on my list of must-reads.

06 // I was so saddened to hear about Robin William’s death this week. An extremely talented and versatile funny-man and actor. And it caused my heart to ache deeply for him and his family when I began to hear more of the details surrounding his death and learned of the depression he suffered from for years. I think this blogpost, written by Heath Lambert, is an excellent reminder. Our world needs Jesus and the hope that is found only in Him!


07 // These pants look as appealing as pajama pants. I’d love to add one of these pairs to my wardrobe. 01 // 02 

08 // And I love that the pants above can go totally casual with a cute graphic tee or dressed up with a pretty blouse. Versatility is a wardrobe staple.

I hope you all have the most delightful weekend, my friends, spent doing your most favorite weekend-type things!




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