a workspace

I’ve been dreaming up a workspace area for myself. There’s the perfect spot in the living room of our apartment where a small desk would fit. The only negative is that it faces a wall, but it would be so helpful for me to have a workspace in the main area of our home at this point in our lives. And when we have limited space, we make due and are grateful for it all! A place where my computer can sit, my planner can lay open, I can complete a quick task while AK plays nearby, and would be a lovely little “me” space. I have my dreams of a light, bright office with soothing art on the walls, a cozy corner reading nook, and a desk situated at just the right angle to where when I lift my eyes from my work I’m gazing out big windows. I’m eager to flesh out those dreams as best I can in the sweet workspace I’m given now.


01 // This desk caught my eye in Target one day as it was just the right size for the space we have. I love the angled legs, the simplicity, and the bright white as it would break up our darker pieces of furniture.

02 // This chair has a comfy factor but also a supportive back which I need. I like that the pattern is soothing and when I saw the chair in Target the color had more blue in the gray than I anticipated and I instantly loved it more. There is no color combination more soothing to me than that of gray and blue.

03 // I just feel that a brass table lamp is a must for my desk aesthetic.

04 // The touch of whimsy in this clock is delightful.

05 // Here’s my soothing wall art.

06 // Every desk needs a calendar and the desk calendars from Anthropologie are perfect. Particularly the vintage maps calendar. It would definitely feed my travel bug.

07 // A bit of gold and modern flare added in with this pen/pencil holder.

08 // A candle must absolutely make an appearance on my desk. I’m sold on the color. Now to just go smell it.

09 // My organization-loving soul thrills whenever I gain a new planner/journal. I’m loving this one.

How I enjoy setting up a new space.



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