happy friday // 14

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Happiest of Fridays to all of you from our little familia. It’s October now — the beautiful month of October. I love this month. Jason proposed to me 6 years ago on October 22nd. Isn’t that just the best day? Fall is celebrated in all its glory in October. It’s just so wonderful.

One of my most dearly loved quotes comes from the incomparable Anne of Green Gables:

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”

Me too, Anne. Me too.

01 // My foodie friend, Liz, made these stuffed peppers for us on vacation and they were so pleasing that they made another appearance this week at dinnertime. I could eat the filling with a spoon.

02 // My sweet mother-in-law bought this cute canister for me when she was visiting a couple weeks ago. With the orange lid (the lid looks more yellowish online) it’s perfect for fall and it houses our little fall candy stash — candy corn and reeses pieces.

03 // My favorite striped shirt is on its last leg. Though it is far from my only striped shirt, it is my favorite and therefore, I’ve been carefully searching for other striped shirts to take its place. I came across this one from Ann Taylor and it looks as if it would fit my needs rather well. I like the sweet addition of the gold buttons on the shoulder. Also, I’m taking suggestions.

04 // While on vacation we made homemade pizza twice and the pizza pan at the condo was one of those with the holes in it. The crust cooked perfectly! Crust is always my struggle so this pan made me more hopeful that I, too, could have success. Here’s a whole page of hole-y pizza pans to choose from.

05 // A friend recommended some fall candles on Instagram the other day. AutumnLeaves by the White Barn Candle Co. There’s several others on this page that sound lovely as well, particularly Sweater Weather just for the name.

06 // AK’s sweet Auntie Liz bought her this striped dress for her birthday. Oh, my. I don’t know if I’ll dress her in anything else this fall. And I’d like one in my size.

07 // I’m always writing down the titles of new biographies that I come across. They are one of my favorite types of books to read. I love discovering more about the lives of different people; it’s fascinating to me. A few on my list right now: 1 // These Few Precious Days: The Final Year of Jack with Jackie. 2 // Jimmy Stewart: A Biography. 3 // Cary Grant: A Biography

08 // This verse is such a comfort to my heart:


Enjoy soaking up this first beautiful weekend of October, friends!




4 thoughts on “happy friday // 14

  1. Michelle

    What a fun post! I absolutely LOVE fall too and it is my most favorite season by far! In Texas it has been a little late in coming but I did buy some yummy spiced pear air freshener and hope to buy my first fall candle this weekend! I added some logs by our fireplace in anticipation of cooler weather to come too!

    I love the adorable dress that Liz bought AK for her birthday! So cute! I also like the striped shirt you found. There is something so cozy about striped shirts!

    Love you posts, girly!

    1. Jenny Post author

      I love the little additions of fall you are bringing into your home, sweet friend! You always make it so comfortable. 🙂

      Aren’t stripes just the most wonderful? They are my favorite.

      Thank you, friend! You are such a sweet encouragement to me!


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