happy friday // 15


It’s Friday, my friends. My hubby is off for the weekend and my mom is here with us. That’s one fabulous combination!

01 // We breaded some chicken tenders in panko the other night and laid them over top of this Parmesan Spinach Orzo. It was good. Our Little downed it, too! And that makes for one happy dinnertime in our household.

02 // How darling is this Umbrella Ring Dish from Anthropologie!? My sister, AK, and I wandered around there for a while the other day. It’s such a creatively inspiring store.

03 // Also at that wonderful Anthro store, I found a copy Anne of Green Gables with a beautifully illustrated cover by Anna of Rifle Paper Co. I follow her on Instagram and am constantly amazed by her incredible artistic ability.

04 // On our little shopping trip earlier this week, we also tootled around the Madewell that has recently been put into our mall. I saw this Rib-Collar Cardigan on a mannequin and it looked so deliciously comfortable. I think a sweater like this would quickly become my go-to on cold-weather days cuddled up with a hot beverage and a book.

05 // A favorite thing about fall for me is the amount of mouth-watering Pumpkin recipes that I come across. And when I came across a recipe for Pumpkin French Toast with Ginger Orange Cream Cheese from Maya on the Alaska from Scratch blog my heart jumped. I mean……just read the recipe title again. I can’t wait to pull this one out of the oven.

06 // We enjoy eating light, we like to be aware of what is consistently going in our bodies, and we want to live a healthy lifestyle. Now that lifestyle will forever and always include cheeseburgers, cake, ice cream, pizza, donuts, and other food loves of ours, but we always want to be wise and take care of ourselves, and we desire to set an example to our daughter, and any other kids that come along, of being diligent to care for the body we’ve been given and what we eat is a big part of that. A good friend of mine had the cookbook 100 Days of Real Food sitting out on her counter the other night and I spent a little time flipping through it. There were some great recipes in there, specific to kiddos too, and I liked that I would be able to make many of the recipes without having to purchase an entire new pantry of food items. I think this cookbook might make the Christmas list. Here is the link to the 100 Days of Real Food Blog, too.

07 // I need some new music, my friends. So load up the comment section with your musical favorites for me, please! Whether an individual song or a whole album, I’d love to hear what ya’ll enjoy!

I hope that you all enjoy a beautiful, restful, and fall-filled weekend!

Happy Friday!




3 thoughts on “happy friday // 15

  1. Casey

    Sweet friend! Sovereign Grace just put out a new Christmas album with some non-holiday songs! It’s beautiful and inspiring! I know Spotify has it and of course itunes.

  2. Michelle

    I was just thinking of the new SG Christmas album too! I’m not a big fan of Christmas music in Oct but this album is worth the purchase!! LOVE it!


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