happy friday // 16

Welcome, Friday, in all your fall, crisp loveliness.

Happy Friday -- 16

01 // My hubby and I had our first trip to Seattle last summer and, during that trip, I quickly fell in love with that delightful city and I cannot wait to go back. Every bit of food we consumed in our 24 hours spent there was rather perfect, so a cookbook from an acclaimed chef and Seattle restaurateur, Renee Erickson, is one I’m pretty confident I’d enjoy.

02 // I’ve recently discovered the foodie blog Not Without Salt by Ashley Rodriguez and I’m loving it. She posted a blog and shared about the above cookbook I mentioned. Through her delectable blog I also found out about the FYI online tv channel Inspired. So fun, you guys! Just short little snippet videos to be inspired by other creatives and entrepeneurs. It’s so neat to see these people who are working tirelessly to achieve their creative dreams.

03 // I enjoyed the blogpost on Food52 from Jen Atlman, an internationally acclaimed photographer, on the Best Tricks for Food Photography. I loved what she said about “striving to keep things a bit simpler and more honest,” in her culinary photography work. And that statement is clearly seen in her beautiful, colorful, welcoming photos.

04 // Thanks to my darling friend, Julie, and my new favorite design & blogger lovely, Melody, I have discovered Daniel Wellington watches. They are classic, beautiful, never-go-out-of-style watches, and after browsing their site the Classic St. Andrews Lady with the Rose Gold case quickly made its way to my Christmas list.

05 // Breakfast for dinner is a favorite thing of ours to enjoy over the weekend. These Baked Tomato & Egg Cups are on the menu plan for Sunday. They sound so yummy and, bonus, they look pretty, too.

06 // I’ve always wanted to eat soup out of a handled bowl. I just think it would make the process of enjoying a bowl of soup even more comfortable. These Sunflower Double-Handled Soup Crocks would be a perfect addition to our kitchen cabinets and what a great bowl for homemade French Onion Soup, which I loo-oove.

07 // This quote…..


I hope you all are truly enjoying a happy, happy Friday! Enjoy your sweet weekend days, friends!



2 thoughts on “happy friday // 16

  1. Julie Jones

    hurrah for Daniel Wellington! I literally wear mine everyday, with everything. I also just got one for the hubs on his birthday…you will not be disappointed. This is one of my favorite posts because: DW, Melody, Seattle, and foodie blogs. Good stuff, my friend.

    1. Jenny Post author

      Ooooo! I just can’t wait! I was thinking about one for my hubs, too! They’re just so fabulous. Aww, thanks, lovely! You’re such a gem and, truly, such a huge encouragement to me. 🙂


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