happy friday // 17

It’s Friday, Friday, Friiiiiidddaaaayyyy!!! Gosh, I love this day.
My week has been a bit of a mental rollercoaster so I’m welcoming the weekend with even more happy dances and hand claps.

We’ve got a Halloween party tonight at some friends, I’ve got a newborn photo shoot on the books tomorrow, we’re watching the GA/FL game with our Gator-fan friends, and the rest of the weekend should be filled with books, movies, and restful type weekend stuff with my two favorites. What are you lovelies up to this weekend??

A few things to share with you……


01 // We have a tiiiiiiny kitchen in our apartment. As little and window-less as it is, it’s a sweet spot and one of my favorite places to be. The counterspace is…..well, lacking. So I try to keep it as uncluttered as possible to have space to actually use for preparing our food. I would just love some canisters, though, especially for easy access to our ever-present stock of mom’s granola. I want something easy on the purse-strings right now as we hope to be in a house in not too long and are, therefore, unsure as to the colors, countertops, and cabinets that will make up the kitchen of our hoped-for home. I love the cream color, subtle patterns and wooden lids of this canister set from the Threshold line at Target. I’ve also considered just getting a couple of glass canisters for the time being, instead, so all the goodness of what’s inside can be seen.

02 // I have recently discovered Oyster which is basically Netflix for books, and it’s too cool! It’s a subscription based online library, it works on tablets, phone, and web, and they have over half a million books to offer. How perfect to be able to load up on rented books for a trip and not feel bad if you want to set one book down to start up another. I much prefer holding an actual book in my hands then using my “device,” but for traveling purposes and such I can’t wait to try it.

03 // This Creamy White Chicken Chili recipe, from the lovely Anna at In Honor of Design, sounds so comforting for the colder days we’ve got coming our way. And how pretty it would look served up in one of the many colorful unique options of bowls from that fabulous Anthropologie store.

04 // Very much crushing on this JCrew scarf. The mixed plaids and the navy, white, and red color combo —- darling.

05 // Thanks to the Food52 blog I discovered this delectable cookbook, Baked Occasions. You can look through the contents list on Amazon and, oh, my sweet tooth, there are so many recipes that sound incredible. And thus, the list of cookbooks to add to my shelf continues to grow.

06 // In case you missed it, I shared about the Instagram hashtag project I’ve started this week. I’d love if you joined me! You all encourage me more than you know!

I hope you all have such a cozy, wonderful, and perfectly fall-ish weekend. I can’t believe it’s November tomorrow!



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