a book club?


It seems that book clubs have become much more popular over the past few years, or maybe I’m just far behind in noticing. I’m not part of a technical “book club” at this point, but one of my closest friends and I have been reading through books together over the past year and half-ish. We live in different cities, but we email one another every two weeks with the chapter we’ve read. I love it. It’s encouraging, it’s enjoyable, and it’s so neat to see what we’ve each picked up, some similar, some different. I enjoy how reading through a book with someone else challenges my thinking in different ways and pushes me to be more aware in my reading.

Have any of you ever been a part of a book club? Has it been enjoyable for you? I tend to prefer smaller groups of people, just for intimacies sake; but I also think there would be advantages and fun aspects of a larger group of people. The various thoughts, learnings, opinions, or questions could fill hours of conversation, I’ve no doubt! Regardless of size, you have the opportunity to try different types of books, enjoy lively discussion and thoughtful conversation and swap questions and ideas that are spurred on by a novel, a biography, a heart encouraging book, a creative cookbook, historical fiction or fact, or any other volume that catches your fancy.

I like to imagine welcoming my book club members into my countryside cottage in England, my loft in New York City, or my seaside bungalow in Seattle, serve up big pots of coffee and tea, and enter into laughter-filled, lively, and clever discussion whilst enjoying slices of some sort of indulgent cake. Ahh, daydreams, aren’t they fun?

What about you lovelies? Does this type of thing appeal to you? I’m truly curious. If you have ever been/are now/would like to someday be a part of a book club, what do you think of them? What’s your favorite part and what books would you put on the list?

The amount of literature we have at our fingertips is delightfully overwhelming and cracking open a new book accompanied by friends can be a sweet way to enjoy it!


11 thoughts on “a book club?

  1. Julie Jones

    I have never been in a technical book club, but I have tossed the idea around more than you can possibly know. Also…how much do I love every setting you described? I would be a proud attendant at each venue. I think I would love having others to push me, because I tend to go for the same style of book and I can also get lazy in my reading and not pay attention. Must work on that 🙂

    1. Jenny Post author

      Julie, okay, my friend, I’ve decided. We just need to live near one another in one of those settings and start up our book club! I’d be thrilled. I’m totally with you on the reading tendencies you shared. We will just have to check up on each other and see if we’re making progress. 🙂

      Lauren, I agree! I think the group dynamic would definitely be an important thing to consider!

    1. Jenny Post author

      Yes, of course you can, dearest! I so love our reading together and would love if we could do an entire book club someday as well!

  2. Casey

    Jenny friend! My imagination soars when I think about being a part of a cozy book club! We recently did a book study through Sovereign Grace on Feminine Appeal and it was such a sweet and encouraging time. If only it lasted more than a month. If you are thinking about starting in..oh friend count me in!

    1. Jenny Post author

      Oh, I just love you, my friend! The thoughts of starting one are definitely whirling around in my mind, so I will most definitely keep you posted! And I’m so glad you enjoyed such a sweet time in your book study.

  3. Michelle

    I have never been in a book club either but the idea intrigues me! It would be great accountability and would stretch what I read. I tend to go for the same type of books. However, recently I’ve thought it would be fun to read a holiday novel before Christmas! It would be perfect to read, snuggled up by the fire, sipping hot cocoa!

    1. Jenny Post author

      What a wonderful idea, sweet friend! That sounds so perfectly cozy. I agree with what you said too — I am just now starting to get out of my rut of the same kind of book!


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