happy friday // 18

Hello, all you wonderful people! Guess what!? It’s Friday, folks.

How’s your week been? Ours has been a quieter, slower week and I’ve loved that. I had a date night with my man last night and that was so wonderful. We are looking forward to cozy weekend at home, dinner with some great friends tomorrow, and ending the weekend on a high-note as my big brother, (who is a pilot), gets to fly in and spend the day with us on Sunday! It will be the first time he’s had a trip here since our little sis has started at college here, too, so that makes it extra special! A happy mini-family reunion we shall have, the 5 of us together.

HappyFriday18 copy

01 // I enjoy following Lauren’s blog here, and through her blog, discovered her Etsy shop, ElisabethAshlie. I love the daintiness of the jewelry she makes. Dainty and light is my day-to-day preference on jewelry and I especially like her sweet necklaces, like these two here and here. And she often wears her jewelry in outfit posts on her blog which gives you an opportunity to see it on someone, which can be so helpful.

02 // This past weekend J and I tried out the movie, Million Dollar Arm, and so enjoyed it! We are a family of baseball fans and a based-on-a-true-story-sports-movie-loving household, so a movie like this right up our alley. Of course, we still want a movie to be well done and this one definitely was. It tugged at my heart-strings several times and I loved seeing these young men experience such an incredible opportunity, but even more than that, to see how their humility, work ethic, and kindness impacted others lives.

03 // I’m searching for a toy chest for my Little. The amount of toys she has is not a lot, by any means, but living in a smaller apartment means clean and easy storage is a must; and being her parents  daughter, our Little has naturally come by a love for organization. This white beadboard toy chest from Land of Nod caught my eye and I think might have to go grab a spot on AK’s Christmas List.

04 // How adorable is this cable knit toddler girls sweater from Gap? I don’t know if I’d put Little in anything else during the cold days.

05 // Okay. Some friends of ours came over for football last weekend and our friend, Hannah, is a terrific baker. She made chocolate cupcakes with this homemade peanut butter buttercream, and oh my goodness, was it ever good. This chocolate/peanut butter combination loving girl was in heaven. I had 3 cupcakes. You use the Jif Whips peanut butter and it just makes it the perfect consistency and texture. She bought the regular peanut butter Jif Whips, rather than the chocolate peanut butter the recipe calls for, and we all voted that it was perfect. I think the chocolate peanut butter would have thrown off the chocolate to peanut butter ratio already present with the cupcakes. A whole batch of these cupcakes might have appeared in our house again a few days later. The buttercream was just that good. How can you not be, though, with 3 sticks of butter and 3 cups of powdered sugar??

06 // Joy the Baker’s blog makes my mouth water. Gosh, she pops out good stuff. Just look at the cake on the front of her new cookbook! This is one that I definitely want to add to my collection.

So, do ya’ll have any big weekend plans, recipes you’re trying out, books to read, movies to watch? I’d love if you shared!

I hope that you all enjoy a pleasant November weekend, my friends! Thank you for sharing some of your time with me on this blog. It’s such a blessing!

Oh, and too, feel free to join in on our #thesesweetdays on Instagram. I’d love to connect with you and see the peeks into your day!

xx, Jenny

*Images via ElisabethAshlie, Amazon.com, LandofNod, Gap, BeyondFrosting, and Amazon.com



2 thoughts on “happy friday // 18

  1. Michelle

    Oh my goodness, I’m definitely craving chocolate and peanut butter now! Those cupcakes sound delicious!

    That is a cute and crisp toy chest! I think it would look great in AK’s room!

    Our weekend plans are very simple. I’m so excited! We’ve declared Saturday a jammie and movie family day! We’ve had several busy weeks/weekends, so a long, restful day sounds wonderful! I hope ya’ll have a great mini-reunion. I’m sure it’ll be so fun!

    1. Jenny Post author

      Oh, girl. These cupcakes. Yum.

      Thanks, friend! I think so, too!

      Aww, yay! That’s the best kind of Saturday! So glad ya’ll can have restful family time together!


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