when pinterest fails


We love Pad Thai. And there’s a restaurant here in town that makes the best. Eating it everyday and never tiring of it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility. However, the budget doesn’t allow for eating at Simply Thai everyday so I’ve been searching for the perfect homemade Pad Thai recipe. I realize that I’m trying to fill some rather enormous shoes, but hey, it’s worth an effort.

So, Friday night, I set my hand to try a new Pinterest recipe for Pad Thai that promised great things, tremendous things, “where has this recipe been all of my life” type things. And we were excited, anticipating a delicious Thai feast. So I popped on my Pandora and got to work.

My first clue should have been when the sauce called for ketchup. I mean, I know that many Asian sauce recipes are filled with quite the variety of ingredients, but ketchup? In Pad Thai? I pushed forward, however, and it was all coming together. Then…..as my sweet hubby stirred the dish around in the pan I added in the sauce. As he mixed the sauce throughout the dish a rather odd, and frankly awful, smell filled the kitchen. We both kept from saying anything to each other at that point, trying to hold out for the end result and ignoring the tell-tale smell that filled our noses. After the noodles had been tossed in with the sauce and the rest of the ingredients, we went in for the taste. Our last shreds of hope quickly vanished as our taste buds triggered one thought to our brains: “ketchup noodles.” No other ingredient spoke forth from the dish. Only ketchup. It had drowned out all other flavors, taking over the dish entirely, to give us a meal with one solemn note.

After a must-have disgusted-face holding-the-pan-of-ketchup-noodles picture had been taken and the sad contents of our hoped-for Chicken Pad Thai been dumped in the trash, my hubby said, “Okay, girls. Let’s get our shoes on and go to Chick-Fil-A.” We threw on our coats, turned on pop radio, and went to pick up our chicken dinner and a large Dr. Pepper for Mommy’s splurge that night. We picnicked on the living room floor with our happy Chick-Fil-A and an episode of the Cosby Show. Our Friday night looked up from there.

Sometimes we need a good Pinterest fail. After all, if we didn’t have a Pinterest fail every now and then, we’d have no good stories to share. And when Pinterest fails, there’s always Chick-Fil-A. As one of my good friends said, “Though Pinterest may fail us, Chick-Fil-A never does.”


6 thoughts on “when pinterest fails

    1. Jenny Post author

      Yes, exactly!
      Thanks for the recipe, lovely. I’m excited! If it’s been a repeat dish in your kitchen, I’ve no doubt in how good it is!


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