happy friday // 19

Good Friday Morning, lovely ones! I hope this Friday is dawning bright and fair for all of you. A mean old cold/sinus infection type of loveliness has decided to beat me down this week. I guess the stomach bug wasn’t enough to fill my sick quota for the month. I will conquer this, I will! (cue inspirational Rocky music).

However, Christmas tree lights, pine-scented candles, fresh greenery, Christmas tunes, and baking goodies do good work for the heart, soul, and sinuses, and I’m absolutely soaking up every bit of this season. It’s rather magical.

What delightful Christmas plans do you have this week? Do share!


Some Favorite Vintage-y Delights

1. Frank. Ah, that voice. And his Christmas tunes are some of the best. I’ve been listening to this album over and over on Spotify.

2. Christmas in Connecticut. I love Barbara Stanwyck and the darling house in the country in this movie, complete with a horse drawn sleigh, is a dream.

3. The More the Merrier is one of those movies with that classic vintage humor which I love, in all it’s adorable simplicity. And Jean Arthur is just sweet.

4. The Talk of the Town is one of my favorite old movies. Cary Grant, Ronald Coleman, and Jean Arthur make the most wonderful trio. And again with the darling house in the country.

Pretty for the Home

1. My hubby has got hooked on a Chemex at work and, being the coffee lovers we are, we are eager to add a one to our ever-increasing collection of “items used to make coffee.”

2. During these chilly winter days I’m always anxious to cuddle up with a cozy blanket at the end of the day, accompanied by a warm beverage and either a good book or a Christmas flick.

And to Wear

1. Ah, JCrew, you have a piece of my heart. JCrew Factory is my favorite website, friends. You can get terrific deals on their fabulous clothing, jewelry, shoes, accessories, evvvverything. I check it religiously. Once again with the stripes in this sweater. I just heart them so.

2. And their mens stuff is just as wonderful. I love my hubby in sweaters such as this one.

Well, my dears. I hope you have a beautiful Friday. 🙂






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