cherishing advent


My husband and I have been learning something sweet over the past few weeks — the joy that comes when we truly cherish the advent season. Both as we have anticipated the coming advent and christmas season and as we now find ourselves in it. We have prayed and sought that this year we wouldn’t just go through our advent routine, but that our hearts behind the actions and the atmosphere in our home would be such that the hope of Christ would be the greatest theme.

The last months have been heavy. It’s been a season of transition for us and also a season of waiting. We have been learning, to an intense and sanctifying depth, what it means to trust the Lord with every bit of life, in every moment of the day. We have been learning to then rest, in the waiting. To remember that He knows the plans He has for us (Jer. 29:11) and He has our good and His glory in mind (Rom. 8:28). To be obedient to the work He is doing in us in the waiting and to anticipate, with hopeful thoughts, what He has for us in the days ahead. And even more for us, to savor the waiting. To have joy in the process. To be eager for what He has planned, but to not miss what He is doing in us now. To stop trying to push past the present and rush toward the future. The times we find ourselves doing that are the times we realize we’re losing sight of the truth that satisfaction won’t come with “what’s next.” Satisfaction, complete and full satisfaction, comes only in the form of Jesus. And when He is that for us there is joy in the waiting, for we want for nothing else.

So this advent season, this season that we celebrate the coming of Christ, has been deep and meaningful for us. Our hearts have been learning of this very theme — waiting, anticipation, longing. And what sweeter timing in our lives than now to be reminded of the One who doesn’t disappoint at the end of waiting, the One who is fully satisfying, the One who brings the greatest joy.

A couple wonderful Advent studies that we’ve been using:
 The Village Church Advent Guide & John Piper’s Good News of Great Joy


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