This past Saturday afternoon my loves and I spent a few hours enjoying one of our favorite Christmas traditions — making treats. We started the full-fledged tradition last year since Little was able to do a bit more and we had the very best time. With a tiny kitchen we spread out on the dining table and get to work. Christmas music plays, delectable smells fill our little home, sprinkles and flour cover the floor and we soak up every bit of it.

Our AK has become the best helper and she loves anything to do with the kitchen, particularly baking, just like her momma. And being able to indulge in quite the load of sprinkles and melted chocolate was an added bonus for her……and her parents, too. We made Christmas cutout sugar cookies topped with icing and sprinkles, rolled pretzel rods in white chocolate and topped those with sprinkles, and dipped marshmallows in milk chocolate and peppermint pieces complete with a mini candy cane stuck in the center. Simple, not super time-consuming, and easy for our apron-clad and adorable Little to be hands on with.



As we bagged up several of the treats to share with some friends of ours, AK would pick out the perfect mixture of treats for each friend, naming each of them as she went, and she’d exclaim, “Dey gonna be sooooo ‘cited!” Oh, those moments of seeing her thoughtful and generous heart just burst my mommy’s heart. These times spent together are those memories we will treasure for a lifetime. Enjoying the traditions we started when she was so little and, Lord willing, adding some more little faces as time goes by. These are the moments that will forever be engrained in my heart and mind, the ones that J and I will recall to each other for years to come. Moments like these, when I’m in the company of the two people I love more than anything, the sink is full of dirty dishes, music is playing, our clothes are covered in flour and various sticky substances, and our little home is warm and cheery — moments like these, when life is being beautifully lived, I’m just overwhelmed by the kindness and grace of God and how He’s blessed me.

Traditions are like that. They are beautiful, grace-filled, entertaining, messy moments that have become treasured memories, and you never grow tired of repeating them.


I hope you darlings are enjoying such a cozy Christmas season, full to the brim of sweet things. I’d love to know what your favorite traditions are in this season! What are you filling your days with?


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