portraits of Anna Kate || 01

I have been inspired by other bloggers to try a new project with my Little this year: a portrait of her every week for a year. I’m so excited about this. To grow in my ability to capture Anna Kate, in all her personality and growth, with my camera lens. To share bits and pieces of what we walk through with her in this 2015 year. To have all these beautiful tidbits of 52 weeks to look back on and cherish for a lifetime.

So, my little darling, here we go. I eagerly await the next 51 weeks with you.




This 1st week ended with quite the bang. We cut inches off your hair. We adore this new haircut on you, but my mommy heart is having to adjust to not seeing those long locks flowing down your back. These changes are so fun, but the aches at seeing you grow so quickly certainly come.

When I asked you this morning to come do a quick favor for me, you looked at the camera in my hand and said, “you want me to sand by da wawl?” Your 3 year old photography insight knew exactly what I needed.


6 thoughts on “portraits of Anna Kate || 01

    1. Jenny Post author

      Aww, you’re the sweetest, Aunt Meggy! I’m just stunned our quickly our babies have grown up! Seriously. When did that happen?!
      And she loves you.


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