my 27th year


I turned 27 yesterday. I have looked forward to 27 for a while. There’s something about it that marks a milestone in my mind. It’s always sounded quite grown up to me. I looked forward to being able to say, “oh, I’m 27.” I looked forward to writing it down. For whatever reason, 27 has always stood out to me as an age I eagerly anticipated being. And here I am! I’m excited about hitting this quite grown up age. I think it holds some delightful days ahead.

26 was a good year. As I’ve said over and over again here, a hard and beautiful year. The Lord worked in my heart, revealed to me how very deep rooted some struggles truly were, and He showed His kindness and grace to me daily as He sanctified me in those struggles. He brought our little family through some deep valleys and wearing days. I grew more content, more joyful in simplicity, and more grateful in all things. I was challenged, on a daily basis, to practice fearing God more than men; and learned the freedom that comes when I stop living my life based on what others think about me. I learned to be satisfied in Jesus even more. I read more books and grew in knowledge. I had adventures. I grew in creativity. I feel more in love with writing. I learned more about what it means to truly love with a sacrificial love. I gained some beautiful friendships. I spent more time in my kitchen. I made memories. I traveled. I was challenged. I was encouraged. I realized, to an even greater depth, how immensely surrounded I am by gifts of grace. 

And all these truths I’ve learned, all these areas in which I’ve grown, all these creative endeavors I’ve tried and loved, all these ways I’ve been sanctified, all these gifts I’ve been given, these all hold true in this, my 27th year. The Lord has graciously given me another beautiful year. A year in which I can carry with me the things He’s done in my heart and eagerly anticipate what more He will do. Oh, how many prayers, hopes, dreams, and goals I have for this sweet year of 27. I’m so thankful it has begun. I pray that I live it well.


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