portraits of AK || 03 || 04

“a portrait of her every week for a year”



Little, I love your 3 year old creativity. This week, every spare minute we had, you would ask to pull out paints or colors or play-doh. You sat with Daddy one evening, for a good long while, creating fabulous play-doh art. I love seeing you learn, even now, how to appreciate the different forms that art can take. I’m so excited to watch your creative sense and abilities grow in the years ahead.




My Bit, pretty much since you were tall enough to stand at the sink and reach into it, you have spent hours “pwayin” in the sink. You toss various kitchen tools and sponges into the sink and entertain yourself by filling things with water, dumping out the water, and “washing the dishes.” You have taught me so much about the enjoyment of simplicity, and in this way, you do it all over again.


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