friday || 04 || celebration

This week, we have been celebrating a new stage in our lives: a new job for my guy! For the past 3.5 years, J has worked for the Communications Office at Southern Seminary. He started out as the photographer and completed his time as the Digital Marketing Manager. He has worked so diligently and faithfully in his various roles there, and been blessed with terrific coworkers and bosses who have encouraged him and helped him grow, and given him many memories of trash can basketball, sarcastic jokes, and lunches at Simply Thai. We are so grateful for all that he/we gained through his 3.5 years there.

The Lord was so kind to bring that photographer position along when He did, 3.5 years ago. We had just recently decided J would get out of the wedding photography industry and we had also just found out we were pregnant. (!!) The Lord’s provision in that way was unexpected and an enormous answer to prayer. And He has provided in just that way again. This new job came out of the blue and, through it, prayers for practical needs have been answered, as well as giving J further opportunities to grow in his abilities and experience in the digital world he’s so gifted at! I am so proud of him. He’s truly the hardest working man I know, he serves and works sacrificially and tirelessly, and is kind, wise, and full of integrity in all he does. And I am oh, so excited to watch him embrace and excel in his new role!

In other happy news, we are also celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary this saturday and we get to go away for the night! So thankful for gracious, sweet friends who love our little while we are away. It’s such a gift. A long, leisurely dinner, multiple hours of reading and sipping coffee, and even a movie await us in just a matter of hours. I cannot wait. Celebrating 6 years being married to the best man I know. I’m so grateful.


— a few of my favorite things this week —


01 || We tried Mushroom Chicken Skillet this week. Served over pasta: muah! Le Creuset Signature Cast-Iron Fry Pan from Williams Sonoma  02 || These verses have been on my mind as I’ve been so overwhelmed by the Lord’s goodness and perfect timing  03 || J has a journal like this where I write weekly letters to him. I love filling it with the emotions and moments we are experiencing in each season.  04 || A new job for the man means some new duds are in order soon! I love the variety of slim button down shirts from JCrew Factory. Factory Slim Washed Shirt  05 || One of the newest additions to my wardrobe is quite appropriate for this week of celebration: Factory Cheers Collector Tee  06 || J is pretty classic in his shoe preferences. This one fits the bill for him: Factory Calvert Suede Oxfords

What do you darlings have planned for this weekend ahead? Any big Super Bowl plans or recipes to share? Happy Friday, dear ones.


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