happy anniversary, my J

6 years, my Love. 6 years of so much beautiful life and learning. The best 6 years of my life.


“The story is about to begin, and every day will be a new piece of the plot.”

Every year that we are given together is this: “A new piece of the plot,” a new chapter to add to our grace-filled, sweet, and sanctified story. Every bit of our every day, whatever it holds, is a piece of that story. The heaviness of this past year, the ways we felt stretched to our limit, the character that was formed in us, the joy that we found in choosing gratitude, the ways Jesus made us more like Himself. All these things are pieces of our life together.

These pieces are pictures of the themes that continue to flow throughout our marriage and the life we share together — growing together as husband and wife, being more in love with each other now than on the day we said our vows, being even dearer best friends now than on that day we said our vows, laughter and our inside jokes, learning how to communicate better, learning how to practically serve and love the other better, eating a lot of good food, being brave together, evenings filled with books and movies and hot beverages, trips and adventures, being creative together, dreaming together, navigating the road of parenting together, challenging one another, encouraging one another, praying for one another, trusting and seeking Jesus together; and above all, the faithfulness, kindness, and grace of the One who made us one.

Our 5th year of marriage held a lot. Oh, quite a lot. And while I am so thankful we are through that time now, I continually come back to the gratitude I feel that the Lord brought us through that. We learned so much, J. We learned it together, and that’s my favorite part. Truly, my Love, I grow more overwhelmed everyday at the sweet grace of God in choosing me to be the one who gets to walk through every day with you. Every year we journey together I think my heart might actually burst with how much I love you; but, every year after that it must get bigger because my love for you grows every day. I’m so glad that you are the one I get to share my heart, memories, adventures, love of books and travel, belly laughs, coffee addiction, gum, and tiny bathroom cabinets with. I am so proud, so thankful, and so deliriously happy that I get to stand next to you as your wife. Now, and for the next 100 years.

You are my hero, my best friend, and my greatest love.

Happy Anniversary, my husband.

With all my heart,



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