portraits of AK || 05

“a portrait of her every week for a year”



Little Bit, I love having you to tag along with me on every errand and shopping excursion. You grab your “pack-pack”, stuff your book and your water bottle inside of it, stick your “b” under your arm, and say, “it’s time-a go wun ew-ands, Mom.” When we go to Trader Joes, you drive your own “baby cawt” and if you can’t get around people you say, “I got jammed, Mom.” I love watching your independence grow and seeing you learn more about being brave and kind as you interact with others. When you get so excited for errand day it makes my heart so full that you, too, love those days like I do.


One thought on “portraits of AK || 05

  1. Sarah J

    Grayson calls his backpack his “pack-pack,” too! It’s so sweet. He also says “mat-mat” for nap mat. I just love it. 🙂


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