friday || 07

This week. This glorious snow-filled week. It was a needed and lovely reprieve. Last week ended up being heavier than anticipated and much busier than planned so this week of being cozied up at home was quite welcome. The Lord is so kind to give those times for our weary bodies and minds.

On a completely different note, our beta fish died this week. Our little Nemo, (one guess who named him), swam his last and joined his predecessor, also named Nemo, in the depths of wherever our bathroom pipes flow. And, being the super stellar parents we are, our kid still doesn’t know he’s no longer with us. This is not because we are dreading telling her. Oh no, this is purely because we have forgotten to tell her. And because Nemo lived up on a high shelf of our bookcase, (to not fall prey to the same fate as Nemo #1 and have orange juice poured into his bowl), AK has no way of knowing that he is anywhere other than in his normal spot. So, goal number one tomorrow: remember to tell our kid her fish is dead.

Moving on now.

– a few of my favorite things –

friday7 copy

01 || Being that it has been freezing this week, our high today was 8 degrees (!!), my clothing priorities have been comfort and warmth. This Funnelneck Sweatshirt from JCrew Factory would satisfy both those requirements.

02 || I love a good pair of distressed skinny jeans. Midrise Skinny Jean in Distressed Indigo.

03 || We’ve been doing a lot of reading this week and I treasure sharing books I loved growing up with my Little now. Since I was a little girl I have loved Miss Rumphius. It’s a lovely story with precious illustrations. I mean, she rides around the roads of her coastal town and scatters flower seeds throughout so that she may “make the world more beautiful.” What’s sweeter than that?

04 || Another one I loved, illustrated by the same lady, is Ox-Cart Man. It’s simple and pleasant.

05 || The Oscars are this Sunday. Though J and I usually crash into bed before they are over and we’ve typically only seen one or two of the movies that are up for awards, we always enjoy another reason to have a bit of a foodie celebration. A few recipes I’m planning:

ricotta crostini

bourbon meatballs

magic bars

Do any of you all have Oscar traditions? Any fun food or drink recipes?

Enjoy this weekend, darlings! Happy Friday!


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